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Going to Czech Republic?

Special lighting at Charles Bridge during Orange Day, Praha. Czech Republic. After fall of communism countries of Middle and Eastern Europe are popular among tourist. It is clear. Countries were close for many years for tourist and it is much to see here now. Unbelievable history sightseeing, old castles, friendly people. Prices are generally cheaper here than at Western Europe or North America. Enough reasons to come! Czech Republic belongs among countries which are now popular among tourist. Old history is one of the attraction. Just imagine to walk over one of the oldest stone bridges in Middle Europe. Yes, I mean Charles Bridge at Prague, capitol of Czech Republic. It is not enough. Prague is full of mystery - old Prague Castle, old Jewish Quarter with mystery of Franc Kafka or old Charles University. Other places are also worth visit - castles Karlštejn, Křivoklát, town Český Krumlov which is UNESCO heritage site or the largest brewery at Plzeň (Pilsner) which gave name to pilsner beer.

Do not waste your time and come to Czech. Country is developing very fast and changes are seen everywhere. Capture moment of old times and old history and be part of new time of this vibrant country.


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