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View to Senegal river at Bakel town. Senegal is at right side and Mauritania at left side of the picture. Senegal.

While Senegal River is not so important transport thoroughfare as it used to be, itís still worth of visit. During French colonial era, it was the only way how to get to the center of West Africa area, until the Dakar-Bamako railway was built.

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is not really popular place for touristic. Nevertheless, itís surprising city with nice atmosphere. According to Africa, itís a huge city with a busy centre you should not miss. Amazing ethnic mix of native people from Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Mauretania or Cote de Ivoire, came to Senegal to find a work, business or a better life.

Island Ile de Gorťe is an opposite of hectic busy capital Dakar. Itís very quiet place. It takes just about 30 minutes by ferry and you are in completely different world. As there are no cars and quite low population, itís very quiet place. Itís popular holiday place for Senegalese, who are visiting the local beaches.


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