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The Korup National Park is in western Cameroon against the Nigerian border. It has 1259 sq km of tropical rainforest known for its high biological diversity, including more than 50 species of large mammals. Cameroon.

I’m going to spend 3 days inside the Korup National Park. It should be one of the oldest forests in West Africa. I’m looking forward to see some interesting flora and fauna.

Korup National Park entrance. Cameroon.

Limbe was nice, afternoon zoo visit was pleasure but it’s time to move again. My time for Cameroon visit is short and my plan is huge. Early morning after sunshine about 6:30 I’m starting to look for some minibus to the Korup National Park.

Chimpanzee, Limbe Wildlife Centre. Cameroon.

Another long day. Morning I left Kribi by first bus around 8:00. Surprisingly it was only 30 minutes after “planned” schedule (if anything van be planned at Africa). Central Voyages took me to their bus terminal at centre of Douala. But my today destination is Limbe.

Traditional dance at Pygmy village down to the Lobe River. Cameroon.

It is always better to start early and have a long day and avoid also noon heat. I wake up about 6 am, eat fast breakfast and leave hotel. My today's plan is Lobe Waterfalls and Pygmy villages along Lobe River.

Kribi beach. Cameroon.

First morning at Cameroon. I am still at Douala. I am not in hurry so I wake up a little bit late about 8 am. I feel hot and humidity from early morning. Change of the climate is hard. I hope that beaches at Kribi help me to survive this thermal shock.

Douala is the largest city and the commercial capital of the country. Cameroon.

I am waiting at Zurich airport for my flight to Douala, the air hub for Cameroon. It is my next travel destination from to West Africa.

Korup National Park entrance. Cameroon.

Lobéké National Park is probably the best of Cameroon’s rainforest national parks. It's one disadvantage is accessibility – it is far from larger towns. I found two alternatives: Réserve du Dja which in the same region as Lobéké but closer to the capitol Yaoundé. The second option is Korup National Park which is at northwest of the country near Nigeria border.

Lobéké National Park is managed by WWF. I was lucky and got actual information about park from their local office at Yaoundé.

Huge amount of forest elephants. Lowland gorillas and chimpanzees. Just few examples of animals living at Lobéké National Park. If you are lucky you should see much more. Region is also known for traditional Baka Pygmy villages.

Still thinking about my Cameroon trip. It is almost time to go but I still have no final plan. I read Lonely Planet and Bradt guide books and I have found new ideas.


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