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African Safari

Elephant, Kruger National Park. South Africa. The highest concentration of wild animals is definitely in Africa. So every traveler interested in nature must visit extensive plains full of wild animals. The best safari locations can be found in East and South Africa. There are many places where to go - Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana or relatively modern South Africa. None of those countries will bring disillusion.

Kudu, Kruger National Park. South Africa. Nowadays animals are mainly in National Parks. There are very few animals living free in nature. One of the top safari locations can be found in South Africa. The most popular is Kruger National Park, going from northeast of the country through borders to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It’s the largest National Park in Africa. If you are lucky, you can spot there ‘Big Five’. What does it mean? It’s the five most favorite mammals for the hunters. Nowadays when the hunting is limited to private parks, it’s the ‘must see’ for anybody at safari. It contains Black Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard and Lion. But you are not at Zoo, so to see the whole ‘five’ is quite hard and it expect many hours and days searching the plains and waiting at the observation points. But you will not be bored at all. There are always some animals nearby including antelopes, zebras, giraffes, hippos or hyenas. And when you’ve seen enough mammals, you can start to examine birds – herons, ibises, storks, eagles or vultures. The highest concentration is around small lakes. But be careful, they can be frightened very easily.

Giraffe, Kruger National Park. South Africa. In addition to the huge concentration of animals, Kruger is good for independent travelers because of the infrastructure. All roads are fine for normal car so you don’t need to have 4WD as in other African countries. Camps are nice place to stay overnight. There are shops, restaurants, gas stations. If you are lucky you can see some night animals going around the camp fence. Staying outside of the camps overnight is forbidden so make sure you can always make it to the camp or expect a big fine. The park is so large you can stay within several days, going from one place to another. The landscape is changing and so the animals living in it, so you can’t be bored.


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